I really like getting out into the open air and amongst nature. Most weekends we try to at least take a quick hike up the local mountain to maintain fitness get ready for the longer adventures.

We’ve found some absolutely stunning hikes in New Zealand, and wonderful walks in the UK. There are so many ‘roads less travelled’ to explore, each uniquely different. (And for me photograph too.) What a great way this is to learn about different regions in a country.

For your hiking and walking trips I definitely recommend checking through the reviews for hiking boots on this site. Don’t forget to ‘wear in’ your boots on some local hikes before going further afield. You’ll be pleased that you took this simple step and it’s some of the best advice I can give you.¬†Another tip is “don’t forget the importance of a good pair of socks”. This makes such a difference to comfort when you’re on a long hike and really worth spending extra for a good pair of socks and hiking shoes.

We also love going camping and have had wonderful holidays in Australia. Near the beautiful beaches in Queensland and New South Wales, trips to the Great Barrier Reef and the hinterland regions.There are fabulous places to set up your campsite and then go exploring the surrounding areas.

Being prepared is definitely ‘the key’ when it comes to camping.

See you on the trail!








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