Salomon are Leaders in the Hiking Boot Industry

The Salomon hiking boot is one of the most reliable companions you can ask for when setting out on a hiking trip…and one of the most important items you are going to need on any hiking trip is your boots.

Having comfortable and sturdy hiking boots will allow you to enjoy your hike while providing support for your feet and legs which do most of the work on any hiking adventure.

The Benefits of Proper Boots

Gym shoes are not designed to handle rough outdoor terrain. That is the reason hiking boots have been specifically designed by companies like Salomon. Depending on the area that you will be hiking in you may find boots designed especially for that type of terrain.

Salomon hiking boots for uneven terrain

Most hiking is done on uneven terrain, often with some climbing involved.

Three types of hiking boots

  • Trail boots are made specially for short hikes with established paths and not a lot of climbing.
  • Trail hikers are designed for longer hikes with rocky, muddy, rough terrains.
  • Mountaineering boots are designed with heavy climbing in mind in mountainous regions

Brand Name – is it important?

In hiking boots, the Salomon range provide a variety for both men and women, from which to choose. When choosing your hiking boots remember to consider the weight in any pack you will be carrying. A heavy backpack will add considerably to your load and add strain to your hiking boots. Most hiking is done on uneven terrain, often with some climbing involved. The extra weight of your pack plus the uneven terrain can cause some cheaper boots to break down.

The Salomon hiking boot will handle the additional load.

The hiking boot from Salomon is an exceptional product which combines quality with comfort and style. That can make it an irresistible buy.


When shopping for hiking boots consider the type of socks you’ll be wearing when you are hiking.  Take into account the extra thickness of the socks.

You may find when buying hiking boots – Salomon or another brand – that you require a half size larger than your usual shoe size. This will allow for thick socks and provide breathing space for your feet. Often, your feet will swell during a day’s hiking and you’ll be grateful for the extra room.

When you buy your hiking boots, make sure that you are buying the boots specific for the type of hiking you have in mind.

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