Affordable Gear For Hiking

destress with affordable hiking gear

enjoy nature, relax and gain some exercise-get started with some affordable hiking gear

If you’ve become jaded with the stress of city living you might want to try hiking.

You can enjoy nature, relax and gain some exercise. To get started you can begin with affordable gear for hiking – inexpensive hiking boots and a cheap hiking back pack – and head for the countryside.

Even with this minimum level of equipment, hiking boots can be expensive so look for affordable gear to get started hiking.

Hiking boots from A to D

There are four classes of hiking boots, starting at A and going up to D. The classes are meant for different kinds of terrain; class A and B boots resemble sneakers and are suitable for light terrain. Class C and class D boots are meant for heavy-duty hiking, some class C boots come with a fixture for crampons and all class D boots can be used with crampons.

As you can imagine the cost of the boots increases as they go up a class. There will be a huge difference in the price of a class D boot and a cheap hiking boot in class A. It is doubtful that you will need a class D boot as you are starting out, after all this is a true mountaineering boot!

Hold out for expensive boots

Do you remember that exercise bike that is now a clotheshorse or what about the ab machine that’s taking up space in your bedroom? The point is that sometimes we lose interest or the commitment to follow through with an activity. You don’t want to have to kick yourself later for those expensive hiking boots that sit forlornly in your closet. You’d definitely feel better if it was a cheap hiking boot.

Expensive hiking boots are an investment that you should wait for. Wait until you know for sure that you’ve developed a passion for before investing in expensive boots. Once you have established that you really do have a keen interest in hiking you can upgrade from your cheap hiking boots.

Start at the beginning

As with everything, hiking is best if you start at a beginner level and gradually ease yourself into the higher levels. A cheap hiking boot is also best used on beginner trails. If you skip ahead and try terrain that is not meant for someone who’s new to hiking you may not enjoy yourself and give up too soon. Also your affordable hiking boots may not hold up too well on difficult terrain.

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