Hiking for Beginners: The Basics That You Should Know

If you’re new to hiking, then making an effort to learn as much as you can about your new hobby is the best thing that you can do when getting started. Before booking an actual guided hiking trip or calling your friends to join you, it won’t hurt to understand the basics that all hikers use all the time in order do survive and have fun. Here is a brief list. The first point to note is to never … Continue reading

Canadian All National Parks You Must Take A Look At

Not all national parks in Canada are cut from the same cloth. They are as diverse as the country is wide. From the east coast of Newfoundland to the farthest reaches of the Northwest Territories, you will find something for every taste and budget. There are too many to name all national parks in Canada but below are three popular ones you shouldn’t miss. Cape Breton Highlands, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Driving along the Cabot … Continue reading

Try A Grand Canyon Hiking Tour

Are You Looking For A Grand Canyon Hiking Tour? Pictures of the Grand Canyon provide a vision that is breathtaking. This inspires many people to visit the Grand Canyon. The view from the top is definitely awe-inspiring; however, why just take in the view from the top when you can hike to the bottom for a truly memorable journey. A Grand Canyon hiking tour can be done at your own pace, but remember that it … Continue reading