Hiking Safety

There are lots of reasons people go hiking. Some plan a hiking trip to take in the beauty and peace of nature, for the adventure, the experience, or the fauna and flora, while others do it just to have fun. Whatever your reason for hiking, the one thing that should always remain of paramount importance is hiking safety. Apart from making sure that the weather is ideal for hiking the trail you’ve chosen, you need to always remember to … Continue reading

Don’t Leave Home Without This Hiking Gear

Aside from making sure that the weather is ideal for hiking and the trail is set, hikers should always remember to pack the right hiking gear. Not only will it make their hiking trip more fun, it will also make it safer. If you’re clueless when it comes to hiking gear, here are some of the things that you shouldn’t leave home without. Start with basic gear. Always pack food and water stored in spill-proof containers. Carry additional clothing … Continue reading

Backpack Hiking In European Countries

A backpack hiking trip through Europe or any other area that you are unfamiliar with is a great adventure. Backpacking Italy with friends will leave you with pleasing memories that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime if you do it right. Backpacking mountain terrain will provide you with breathtaking scenery in addition to all of the fun you can have. When you lay out your backpack hiking trip use careful planning to take exactly what you’ll … Continue reading

Choosing Women’s Hiking Clothes

When selecting women’s hiking clothes it’s very important to ensure that the clothes function to the very highest standards compared to normal daily clothes. It’s worth paying extra to purchase superior quality rather than risk injury or lack weather protection due to wearing inappropriate clothing while on an excursion. Of course, you can look for discounts and close out sales to save money, but I suggest you don’t compromise on the quality of hiking clothes. … Continue reading

The Importance of Good Rucksack Packing

You may be planning a once in a lifetime trip, a couple of days in the country or a day trip. Whichever it is, it’s useful to master the art of rucksack packing. You can fit a lot into a rucksack so it’s important to have some order in the contents. Items which you may need during the day should be at the top, and the whole rucksack should be packed with comfort in mind.  … Continue reading

The Best GPS For Hiking

Hiking is an adventure sport that requires serious preparation for safety and care. Many people love hiking, not only because it provides exercise and satisfaction, but also because it involves a feeling of freedom and one-ness with nature; hiking is one of the best ways to experience nature and the outdoors. Until recently, hiking was done with the help of indigenous ways of orientation, and with the help of local guides who knew how to … Continue reading

The Pitfalls Of Discount Hiking Gear

An important thing to be aware of when shopping for discount hiking gear is that some hiking items should not be bought cheaply while other things can be. Be honest with yourself when deciding what level of a hiker you are. If you’re only a weekend walker or a hiker who just walks on fairly flat ground and sticks to the paths, or are a serious hiker that is gone for weeks at a time … Continue reading

Clearance Hiking Pole or Hardwood Hiking Pole?

Many people use a hiking pole as a walking aid, and they can also be useful for clearing high grass and debris from your track as well as fending off small animals or snakes that may cross your path. However, do you really need a hardwood hiking stick for hiking? As a hiker, I have to say “possibly not”, simply because of the versatility and lightness that can be gained by purchasing a lightweight aluminum … Continue reading

Collapsible Hiking Stick

A rugged and sturdy hiking stick becomes an invaluable companion on the hiking trail by providing balance, traction and stability. A collapsible hiking stick offers space saving qualities, as well. When you are looking for a collapsible hiking stick there are several aspects to consider. Do you want a telescopic hiking staff? Are you prepared to make the necessary adjustments to a telescopic hiking stick as you walk along. What about weight? Obviously the lighter … Continue reading

Will A Cheap Hiking Back Pack Provide A Good Hiking Experience?

Where do you go to get a cheap hiking backpack? Hiking is a great exercise for both body and soul. It brings you closer to nature and its beauty. When hiking you want to travel light, but you also require a sturdy backpack that will not let you down when you’re out on the hiking trail. A good hiking back pack is a great buy, sometimes even a life saver. So can you afford to … Continue reading