Camping Supplies

Long time campers know that costs can quickly mount up when purchasing camping gear. Durable equipment is a must, because you want this purchase to last a long time. Food and other more expendable supplies, on the other hand, are a recurring cost because they have to be bought over and over again. If you can save on the cost of supplies, it will earn you more money for more trips. Make a list of … Continue reading

Action Guide To Snow Camping

Although it is something that most people will never try, snow camping offers an exciting experience and different activities to camping in summer. You should be aware, however, of some definite ‘must haves’ to take along on your snow camping trip. The list presented here is meant, for the most part, for those first time campers who want to try snow camping. Generally speaking, this camping equipment can be carried in one pack. You need … Continue reading

Specialist Camping Guides

Camping guides previously tended to be written only by those with military experience, and often were too technical for the average camper. Today’s camping guides usually take a more friendly approach, and now provide for the wider range of interests of the average camper. There are several genres of camping guides available, covering most of the specialist concerns of today’s campers. One genre is the total guide. These camping guides are the next generation of … Continue reading

Camping Showers

We can be spoiled so easily by the comforts of home, however, when we go out into the wilderness, the one thing that most campers do not want to leave behind is an easy way to keep clean. Choosing the right camping shower is essential for an enjoyable trip. There is no need for you to have to bathe in freezing cold lake or river water. The good news is that camping showers of today … Continue reading

Don’t Plan A Camping Trip Without These Items

Are you planning your first camping adventure? If this is your first ever camping vacation, chances are you’re wondering what all you should take with you. If this is how you are feeling you are certainly not alone. Although a camping vacation can be great fun and exciting for the whole family, it can sometimes be stressful to plan. This article has some great tips on how to plan your camping trip. There’s a lot … Continue reading

Backpacking Tents and Mountain Tents – What’s The Difference?

Backpacking Tents Camping out in the open is a great feeling, and hiking out to your camping “site” is all part of the wider experience. While venturing out into the woods, a backpacking tent is an absolute necessity as they are specially made to be light weight and portable, since the very last thing you’ll want is a ten or fifteen pound tent weighing down on your back as you’re trying to navigate rough terrain. … Continue reading

How to Choose Backpack Equipment and Camping Gear

A major component of your camping and backpacking equipment is, of course, your tent and choosing the best tent may be harder than you imagine! Tents are designed to be used in various weathers and seasons so you need to carefully consider which tent to buy. An all season tent will not be suitable for mountain trips in the winter! Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Tent The Season Tents are classified by the season … Continue reading

A Guide to Best Camping Heaters

Spring has arrived and it’s another perfect time for camping. Since spring camping can mean lower temperatures and frequent changes in weather, it pays to plan carefully. Knowing safety measures on how to buy and use your camping heaters is one important precaution we can take. Like all camping gear, safety begins with researching the brands and types of products that are efficient and safe to use. There are so many ways to do this: … Continue reading

Getting to Know Your Sleeping Bag

Like tents, backpacks and jackets, sleeping bag is an outdoor gear that each camper should not miss on their checklist. If this is your first time to buy one, here are some basic information that you need to know. The primary purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm and comfortable when you sleep in the campsite. There are three basic factors that will affect warmth and thus affects the sleeping bag’s performance. … Continue reading

Which Sleeping Bag is Best

The answer depends largely on your needs and what you prefer. Firstly you need to identify when for what purpose and who is going to use the sleeping bag. After identifying these you can go ahead looking for the features and quality sleeping bag that will fit your needs and budget. If you are backpacking or hiking, your lightest sleeping bag option is the one that uses goose down fill. Although a little more expensive … Continue reading