Are High Tech Hiking Shoes Worth the Money?

Hiking can be an extreme sport where lack of safety equipment can prove fatal. Hence, the equipment that is utilized on a hiking trip should always be top quality. Any compromise in quality can destroy the trip and could prove life-threatening. High tech hiking shoes are a case in point. Are They Necessary? It could be argued that a pair of regular hiking boots will perform an adequate job and can be quite comfortable. In … Continue reading

Asolo Hiking Boot Review

One of the best reviews I have read so far is for the Asolo hiking boot. This boot has a lot of points in its favor. They are lightweight, waterproof, cushioned and air filtered so these boots cover it all and yet is so lightweight you can use it on many types of hiking trip. You don’t have to be seriously into hiking to enjoy the benefits of these boots.   They won’t stretch your wallet … Continue reading

Custom Made Limmer Hiking Boots

Custom made Limmer hiking boots are American made, traditional style hiking boots for outdoor adventurers. Why Are Limmer Boots Special? Peter Limmer Sr. arrived in the USA in 1925 bringing with him his traditional craftsmanship. The Limmers’ great reputation is based on just one thing – this hiking boot which is made from one single piece of leather and has only one seam. Although it is an expensive and time-consuming way to create a hiking … Continue reading

Merrell Shoes Get You Outfitted for the Outdoors

Merrell shoes are designed to help people to get ready to go and enjoy the outdoor life. With the rough winter that many parts of the country have experienced, you may be waiting for that first warm day when you can be outdoors and return to your spring and summer fitness routine. Merrell boots don’t make very dressy footwear, but they do make shoes that are meant for spending time outside. They have a huge … Continue reading

How To Choose The Best Waterproof Hiking Boot

One of the most important choices a hiker has to make is the selection of the best hiking boot. Individually it can be the most important piece of equipment and the choice in hiking boots can make or break a trip, leaving a hiker feeling strong and sure-footed or exhausted and nursing sore feet with blisters. In addition to the choice in type and style of hiking boot, there is also the decision of whether … Continue reading

The Birkenstock Boot For Hiking And Climbing Is A Top Performer

If you are looking for hiking boots you’ll find a wide selection to choose from. So what makes the Birkenstock boot for hiking so popular? Birkenstock hiking boots are designed to stay comfortable while providing sturdy support for feet and ankles. Most models are waterproof and will keep your feet dry even in the wettest weather. Many models include a moisture-wicking sock liner within the leather upper. Benefits of the Birkenstock Hiking Boot First of … Continue reading

Affordable Gear For Hiking

If you’ve become jaded with the stress of city living you might want to try hiking. You can enjoy nature, relax and gain some exercise. To get started you can begin with affordable gear for hiking – inexpensive hiking boots and a cheap hiking back pack – and head for the countryside. Even with this minimum level of equipment, hiking boots can be expensive so look for affordable gear to get started hiking. Hiking boots … Continue reading

Salomon are Leaders in the Hiking Boot Industry

The Salomon hiking boot is one of the most reliable companions you can ask for when setting out on a hiking trip…and one of the most important items you are going to need on any hiking trip is your boots. Having comfortable and sturdy hiking boots will allow you to enjoy your hike while providing support for your feet and legs which do most of the work on any hiking adventure. The Benefits of Proper … Continue reading

Buy Hiking Boots & Camping Gear

Before you hit the trails it is imperative that you have the right gear. Being poorly equipped for outdoor adventure has led to injury and death. Your camping and hiking gear should be both strong and lightweight as this will allow you to propel yourself further and can mean the difference between a sore back and feet and having the energy to hike all day. Your gear should also be waterproof to be effective. When … Continue reading