Custom Made Limmer Hiking Boots

Custom made Limmer hiking boots are American made, traditional style hiking boots for outdoor adventurers.

Why Are Limmer Boots Special?

Peter Limmer Sr. arrived in the USA in 1925 bringing with him his traditional craftsmanship. The Limmers’ great reputation is based on just one thing – this hiking boot which is made from one single piece of leather and has only one seam.

Although it is an expensive and time-consuming way to create a hiking boot, the advantages are worth it.

The Limmer hiking boot production points include

  • durable and flexible, bending with the foot instead of displaying resistance and straining it.
  • the upper part of the hiking boot is turned out at the welt area providing a waterproof edge
  • the inside is made from a Swiss-tanned cowhide with steel shank
  • Vibram sole attached by cement and screws

Every year approximately 1,000 pairs are made to satisfy customer demand world wide. Each hiking boot is hand made from the family run business and requires twelve hours of labor from start to finish.

All boots are custom made to perfectly fit the customer’s size and meet their requirements. Boots can be insulated on request for an additional charge. These boots can be worn in temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit and are intended for extremely active hikers and rugged trails.

The Limmer hiking boot is a masterpiece that many serious hikers will simply not do without. They are possibly the best custom made hiking boot you can buy.

There are many other boots on the market competing in this space. While the Limmer hiking boot is not cheap, it is quality and is not too extravagant. A pair cost around $150 which is a very reasonable price for custom made boots. Other brands of custom made boots sell for as much as $450.

The Limmer hiking boot is designed for the truly passionate hiker who demands the best in footwear and hiking equipment.

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