Camping – A Chance To Bond with Nature

Camping can be a fun filled pursuit. Enjoyable camping trips undertaken at a young age remain etched in the memory for a long, long time. There is no age for undertaking camping trips though. Such trips can be planned at any time as per convenience. Such trips may also be arranged in small or large groups as desired. Arranged outdoors and far away from modern habitations, such trips help create a special bond with the wilderness and with Mother Nature.

Preparation for developing the special bond with nature

In order to organize or enjoy camping trips certain basic requirements are called for. The tent is the first thing that is needed. This is important to provide housing for the campers in the tent as it is certainly not advisable to sleep in the open with wild animals being possibly around.

Sleeping bags are also important things that are to be included in the camping baggage. A thorough checking up of the sleeping bag is important prior to sleeping in it. Otherwise, there might be encountered snakes, scorpions and such other dangerous animals that may have been taking shelter in the comfortable sleeping bags.

Sufficient supplies of food and other important things ought to be kept at hand for otherwise if supplies are run out then one might need to starve. After all, we the modern-day humans are not accustomed to deriving our food directly from nature.

While camping, it is also important to make arrangements for plentiful supply of clean, potable water. Alternatively, there needs to be made arrangements for means to purify water. This is of utmost importance.

Setting up of a checklist proves to be very helpful. This can be a convenient way of making sure that no important thing is missed out. So, you are finally geared up for venturing into the wild and setting up camp there.

Developing the special bond with nature via camping among wilderness

Camping in the midst of nature can significantly bring down stress levels. All the worries, complications and hassles of the day to day life is gone. Your mind gets cleared up and you are enabled to perceive things from a different perspective altogether. You start getting associated with your real self- the one that can be unified with nature. Of course, modern day resources and amenities need to be by your side to help you out at every step lest you meet with any difficulty.

Alongside camping, activities such as hiking and fishing can be enjoyed too. These will further help in strengthening the bond with the rugged mountains around, the swift flowing rivers and the shoals of fishes swimming in it and the various other facets of nature.

In the busy world of today it is indeed very difficult to communicate with nature and discover its various treasures. Camping can be a wonderful way to foster such communication. It helps bring about a union of the micro self with the macro self as discovered amidst nature- in the wilds.

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