9 Outdoor Camping Survival Tips

All camping enthusiasts and adventurers should take the time to learn outdoor survival skills. Situations can always take a turn for the worse and your safety often depends on learning some necessary skills and having an outdoor survival kit at your disposal.

Nine Wilderness Survival Skills You Must know

  1. Know how to tell direction. Being able to tell direction will enable you to find your way out. No one’s survival gear checklist is complete without a compass.
  2. Advanced navigation skills are necessary for anyone serious about outdoor survival. These can include knowing how to find your way at night, by the wind, or by indicators on rocks, trees, and in the melting snow. These skills will aide you even if you happen to lose your compass.
  3. Finding shelter. Look for caves, fallen trees, even a boulder to protect yourself and provide some shelter. A shelter can protect you from sun, wind, rain, snow, and animals. Using natural materials to build a shelter.
  4. How to build a fire.You should be aware that knowing how to start a fire is the most important skill of all. A fire can keep you warm, light up your area, cook food and discourage animals from coming close.
  5. Know where food and water can exist in any environment. Know which plants and berries are edible. Also, know how to handle plants that you have to crack, such as coconuts.Learn to fish and how to catch animals.
  6. Know which water sources are safe and which ones to stay away from. For safety, be able to find some way to heat water to sterilize it.
  7. First aid is an essential wilderness survival skill. First aid supplies should be first on your survival gear checklist.
  8. Rocks, branches, and vines all make suitable tools.You can use these objects as hammers, clubs, and knives.
  9. Learn the skill of knowing what to do when you encounter a wild animal. Sometimes, running away or climbing a tree is not the best solution.

Remain calm and you will be able to think straight. Being lost while camping can rattle even the most experienced adventurer. Surviving takes knowledge and confidence and a good wilderness survival kit.

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