Buying An Inflatable Camping Air Mattress

When many people think of camping, they immediately conjure up an image of roughing it in the great outdoors in a flimsy tent, a sleeping bag and a waterproof ground sheet – and that’s after scouring the campsite for looking for the flattest piece of ground available.

Fortunately you can go camping nowadays and still get a good night’s sleep if you take an inflatable camping air mattress with you.

What Kind Of Price Should I Expect To Pay?

If you go camping regularly, a self-inflating camping air mattress will be worth its weight in gold, so it’s a good idea to splash out on a decent one. If camping is just an occasional hobby then a cheaper air mattress will suffice.

In this case you could buy a roll up air mat instead of an actual mattress. This is really halfway between an air mattress and sleeping on the floor. They aren’t as popular as the air mattress though, and they don’t fold down as compactly either.

Whatever model you go for, you can expect to buy a good camping air mattress for a reasonably good price. Don’t forget to buy a camping air mattress repair kit if you don’t get one included automatically with your purchase.

What Types Of Inflatable Camping Air Mattresses Are Available?

Most of these beds have one thing in common, and that’s a flock top. Air mattresses are usually made from a PVC type material, and sleeping on this would be rather uncomfortable, so the flock finish gives a more material feel to the bed, and makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Some of the better models come with a foot pump for inflating them, but the cheaper air mattresses will rely on the owner supplying their own pump… or inflating it themselves.

However the best choice for those who go camping regularly will no doubt be the self inflating camping air mattress. When you have a tent to put up as well, you’ll be glad you bought one of these to make life easier for yourself. These work by way of a valve, which inflates the bed when opened, so you can leave your bed to inflate by itself while you congratulate yourself on putting the tent up correctly! There is a wide range to choose from at Altrec’s Outlet Warehouse

Going camping is a wonderful way to get in touch with nature and enjoy some well earned rest. Sleeping in the great outdoors is a life-enhancing experience, and it can be made even more comfortable with an inflatable camping air mattress.

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