Camping Necessities – Make A List Before You Go Camping

Always make a list of camping necessities before you go camping. You’ll need a tent, you’ll need blankets or a sleeping bag, and you’ll need food or ways to catch and cook food. Beyond that, any camping equipment you take along with you is just going to weigh you down. You can protect yourself against not taking too much by making a camping list. A camping list, if it’s stuck to, can contain your camping necessities and make your trip enjoyable and exciting while providing just enough equipment to get you by.

Save Money On Camping Gear

You’ll also want to make sure you have a budget set aside to purchase the items on your list. This is assuming that you don’t already own the camping necessities. If you’re going shopping for the camping equipment, however, you’ll want to shop around to make sure you are getting the best deals. Many people choose camping as a vacation because it can be an inexpensive way of having a holiday. Getting good deals on your camping list items will help you save money while still enjoying the vacation of a lifetime. Watch for close out sales for some great bargains.

You first item on your camping list should be for shelter purposes. This is typically where you’ll list what kind of tent you want. If you’re going by yourself, a one- or two-person tent is all you’ll need. By getting a slightly larger two-man tent you’ll be a little more comfortable, and have some space to store your gear at night. Just make sure your tent keeps out the elements and the bugs.

The next items on your camping list should be for the purpose of catching food, cooking food and preparing food. Then, you’ll want to either carry water with you or you may want to bring a water purifier for cleaning water you find while you’re out there. The smart move would be to take both as you never know when you’ll find water.

If you want to put a few other items on your list, such as pocket knives, fire starting materials and such, make sure you only take what you think you’ll use. Also keep in mind that you’re going to have to carry all this stuff around with you. If you’re too weighed down, you won’t get far if you happen to be hiking. If you only take what you need, you’ll be free to roam wherever you want and you’ll have a far more enjoyable time. So make a list, and make sure you stick to it to have the most enjoyable camping experience. It’s only by keeping to your list that you can keep from taking too much and being weighed down when you’re trying so hard to relax.

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