Camping Showers

We can be spoiled so easily by the comforts of home, however, when we go out into the wilderness, the one thing that most campers do not want to leave behind is an easy way to keep clean. Choosing the right camping shower is essential for an enjoyable trip. There is no need for you to have to bathe in freezing cold lake or river water. The good news is that camping showers of today have come along way from recent years.

When you mention the term camping shower, most people still may think of the old perforated can full of water and hanging from a rope. Today, thankfully, there are products on the market that are very efficient, easily portable, and can actually provide a hot shower instead of the traditional outdoor cold shower. No sense in leaving home without one.

You want to consider several factors when choosing the right camping shower for you. Portability is probably one of the most important. You are, after all, going to be carrying this camping shower in your pack, wherever you travel. So it makes sense that you want one that is very easy to carry. A solar shower might be the answer. They are very light, easy to set up and use, and is heated and powered by the light of the sun. Of course, this might be a drawback on overcast days, but it is still a good choice for hikers on the move.

Propane camping showers are best suited to single campsites where you aren’t going to be doing a whole lot of moving around. They are capable of heating up water in seconds and many of them come with a battery powered pump with great water pressure.

If you are going to be camping with a large group, then you might want to consider purchasing one of the larger models. Some have as much power as 40K in BTUs, and come with longer hoses and bigger water pumps. The more water a unit can heat, the more of a chance that you will get a hot shower even with a larger group.

The camping shower you choose needn’t be the most expensive or top of the line. Talk to your fellow camping friends. If you see a shower you like the look of at a campsite, ask where they got it from. As whilst the adage, you get what you pay for rings true. You may also find that something less expensive also delivers to your specific needs and requirements. So don’t necessarily go for the shiniest and brightest.

Camping showers have advanced a lot further than the old tin can and plastic bag models. There are so many portable and powerful options available these days that camping in the wild is more clean and comfortable than ever before. A small solar unit works just fine for single campers, and there are propane units that can handle larger groups with ease. Nothing beats being able to take a hot camping shower after a hard day of hiking, biking or just chasing the kids through the park.

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