Hiking for Beginners: The Basics That You Should Know

first aid kit in your hiking backpack

have a first aid kit in your pack (don’t forget a ‘blister pack’

If you’re new to hiking, then making an effort to learn as much as you can about your new hobby is the best thing that you can do when getting started. Before booking an actual guided hiking trip or calling your friends to join you, it won’t hurt to understand the basics that all hikers use all the time in order do survive and have fun.

Here is a brief list.

The first point to note is to never hike alone.

hiking guide for beginners

check out this guide for beginners to hiking

This is especially important if you are a hiking beginner. You must avoid hiking on your own even if you have already read everything about hiking. This is an activity that is best enjoyed with a companion. You will be able to have more fun and stay safe.

The second thing to understand is that it is best to start with a trail that you are familiar with. Since this is going to be your first time hiking, you want to take things slowly so that you get to experience hiking without the possibility of getting lost.

Always carry water and food.

This is one of the basics of hiking for beginners. Pack dried fruits and nuts. Energy bars are also useful since you can eat them anytime and they are packed with the nutrients you need to keep you going.

Pack a first aid kit.

Often hiking newbies overlook this item in the hiking for beginners manual, especially if they are going with a guide. Always remember that getting a guide does not mean that you are completely out of danger. It just means that you have someone who knows the terrain. You may still suffer an injury or a nasty insect bit.

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Be prepared!

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