Collapsible Hiking Stick

A rugged and sturdy hiking stick becomes an invaluable companion on the hiking trail by providing balance, traction and stability. A collapsible hiking stick offers space saving qualities, as well.

When you are looking for a collapsible hiking stick there are several aspects to consider.

Do you want a telescopic hiking staff? Are you prepared to make the necessary adjustments to a telescopic hiking stick as you walk along. What about weight? Obviously the lighter the better as long as the stick is sturdy. Size? How small will the collapsible hiking staff be when folded or telescoped down? Can you hang it from your belt?

Also consider the material that the hiking stick is made from. High grade aluminum is extremely sturdy yet remarkably light and produces first quality collapsible hiking staffs.

A hiking stick can reduce by up to 25% the amount of body weight carried by your feet, knees and lower back so it is a worthwhile investment for your hiking enjoyment on the trail.

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