Kids and Camping

It can be pretty frustrating trying to teach your kids basic social skills and how to be more self-sufficient. Sometimes, when parents try to teach their kids about new things they turn a deaf ear. If you feel that this is what your child does, then you may want to consider signing them up for scouting, which is a great way to get kids more active with hiking camping and teaching them some basic life skills. Many child experts agree that teaching kids scaled down and age appropriate versions of basic survival and camping skills may prove very beneficial in the long run.

Your children do not have to join the scouts in order to have fun camping. It is an activity that you can do together as a family. And as far as that goes it doesn’t even really have to be in a tent. You may want to consider traveling in an RV or camper and perhaps for a couple of the days, you can break out the rest of your outdoor gear and sleep under the stars. Kids love having a campfire and, sure, you can roast marshmallows and hotdogs or anything else that comes to mind. A family campground may have a few extra amenities or activities in close proximity. Try to make sure at least once while camping to go hiking; it doesn’t have to be a long one, just enough to spend some time together and perhaps impart a little of your nature knowledge on the kids. (Don’t worry they wont know you memorized the guidebook).

Summer can make a parent feel guilty about not being home with their child. You may want to check into a few options, such as summer camp. The activities and camping that are available at most facilities will keep your child busy, as well as increasing their knowledge about wildlife, boating and water safety, crafts, sports and a multitude of other things. There are some great ones around and it does not have to be all summer or even overnight. What ever time they get to spend at a camp, they will no doubt have the time of their lives.

Kids are young for such a short time and you need to enjoy them as much as you can before they grow up and move away. Can hiking and camping do this? Of course, not by that alone, but yes it can help. It doesn’t mean you need the best camping gear or a fancy RV camper in order to connect with your kids. Try sitting around a campfire with them and listening. You may be surprised at the depth of their thoughts or ideas. You will learn a thing or two about them and possibly about yourself as well.

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