New Forest Activities – Walking and Hiking

Throughout the New Forest you can find pretty much anything that you might want to do and something to suit all ages of the family. With 134 car parks scattered throughout the National Park – you can stop in so many places and go for stroll, take a picnic or have play around. There are considerable cycle, hiking/walking trails, museums and historical sites that can be visited.

To ensure you get to see the absolute best and beauty of the New Forest it is a good idea to take up one of the many guided tours that are available within the Forest. The choice is yours and what your preference might be but experienced Forest Rangers offer tours either cycling, walking or horseback. This is a way to ensure you capture the entire beauty of the forest.

When ever you are visiting the New Forest, at what ever time of the year, there is always something to see. The ever changing seasons will note typical and beautiful scenery changes even making a familiar walk different every time. Experienced guides such as wildlife experts, geologists and Forest Rangers will take you through the wonders and natural beauty of this wonderful countryside.

If you’d prefer some history along with your scenery and walk, the forest can offer that as well. Besides the abundance of museums located throughout the park, there are many historical homes and villages to visit during your stay in the area. Bucklers Hard, where Admiral Nelson’s fleet was built is just one of these places.

The New Forest includes many miles of coastline and rivers along the south coast. There are many beautiful and historical sites that can be seen from guided boat tours available here. There are also for the more energetic many water based activities available such as sailing, windsurfing and kayaking. The visitors centre has considerable information and ideas for tourists seeking ideas about the park.

The New Forests status of wildlife preserve means that within just a short distance into the forest will mean that you will see considerable animals and wildlife within their own habitat. You really don’t even have to look that hard. Wildlife lovers could make a considerable list by the end of one day for all the species they are likely to come across.

Amongst all the wildlife you will find deer in abundance hiding out in the depth of the trees. You might come across a herd of cows blocking your path in the road with all the time in the day and not bothering to let you pass. Horses and pony’s wandering aimlessly across the village green. This is life in the New Forest and just a tiny part of the beauty that this park has to offer.

There are considerable walks throughout the forest, many marked and guided and many that are not. It’s always wise to have a map, especially if you like to head off the main track. Exbury although not a forest walk but is a lovely place to visit, with its gardens set in 200 acres, there are miles of lovely pathways to experience here.

If your planning a trip to the New Forest and plan to stay over night there is a good variety of New Forest cottages in the region where you can stay which can be found on the New Forest guides website.

Also while you are in the area make sure you visit the nearby city of Southampton which is renowned for its shopping experience and museums.

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