Bicycle Hiking Tour – How To Choose The Right Bicycle

BikepathA great bicycle hiking tour begins with the right bicycle

The key to enjoying a great bicycle hiking tour begins with choosing the right bicycle. There are many companies producing bicycles. All of them understand design and quality but each company will produce bicycles for a particular market or price point and it’s important to to find the bicycle that’s best suited to your purpose.

Points to Consider

  • Not all manufacturers build their bicycles in the same manner. Many do not make their own bicycle frames; they acquire the frame from a manufacturer who specialize in bicycle frame production. Some of frame manufacturers include Reynolds, Easton and Columbia.
  • Bike designers combine materials to achieve the best performance and design, while building in the best features for each different bicycle.
  • Material fabrication and design makes a big difference. While different materials will make a difference to every bike, in the end it the decision to purchase aparticular bike is the choice of the rider.

Materials Used to Make a Bicycle

  • Titanium – this is a very strong, light weight material that is more flexible and durable then steel. Great choice for a bicycle hiking tour.
  • Steel – Steel has always been very reliable but it is also very heavy. Steel is a great material, easy to repair. A lot of riders prefer steel bicycles as it bring more life to any performance when riding it; yet another great choice for a bicycle hiking tour.
  • Aluminum – Has a great weight advantage as aluminum it extremely light although it is not as durable as steel or titanium. It is more difficult to repair an aluminum bicycle when it is needed. This would not be the best choice for a bicycle hiking tour.
  • Carbon Fiber – Very classy and exotic, this bicycle offers exceptional value, quality and toughness. It will provide a strong and dependable bicycle which you can trust on a hiking tour.

A bicycle hiking tour gets very intense and will be tough on the bicycle.

You want to ensure that the bicycle will withstand the rigors of the hiking tour without breakdowns. A bicycle hiking tour is a wonderful experience and a great exercise. Your bicycle should feel like a part of you, working with you to get maximum benefit out of the ride and enjoyment from the trail.

With the right research and guidance you should be able to choose a great bike to stay with you not only on your first bicycle hiking tour but many more outdoor adventures to come.

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