The Best GPS For Hiking

Hiking is an adventure sport that requires serious preparation for safety and care. Many people love hiking, not only because it provides exercise and satisfaction, but also because it involves a feeling of freedom and one-ness with nature; hiking is one of the best ways to experience nature and the outdoors.

Until recently, hiking was done with the help of indigenous ways of orientation, and with the help of local guides who knew how to read the signs on the hiking trails. Hiking was a common way of moving from one place to another and it developed into a well-documented science.

Hiking The Modern Way – How To Choose The Best GPS For Hiking

Modern technology often replaces man with a machine. In hiking, the tracker or guide has been replaced with the GPS. The best GPS for hiking will be determined by the functions it can fulfill during your hiking trip. In order to judge which could be the best GPS for hiking, you should actually know what it does in the first place.

A GPS (Global Positioning System) will be able to guide you with maps, chalk and indicate route capability and show you waypoints. The best GPS for hiking would be having information pertinent to the area you are going to hike in. In case you are planning to hike in rather secluded areas or in an unmapped section of a remote country, then chances are even the best GPS will not be of any use to you. The area needs to be pre-mapped so that the maps can be installed into your GPS.

Remember that a hiking GPS can widely differ from a GPS used for flying, marine navigation, or for driving. The GPS that you will be looking for needs to be handheld, extremely durable (most GPS cases are not), shock and water resistant, and preferably have constant updates with the various maps and territories that you will be hiking in. Brands such as Garmin and Magellan are two of the better known GPS system, but while a specific model is difficult to pinpoint, keep in mind that your GPS system needs to suit your exact needs (whether you are an extreme hiker, or just a weekend camper).

At the end of the day the best GPS for hiking will be one which packs the most features, and has a high accuracy of mapping the area you are planning to hike. The shape, color and size are not important but sturdiness and weight are; look at the features and what they offers for your specific needs. Pack your handheld GPS with your hiking boots and head to the outdoors!

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