The Pitfalls Of Discount Hiking Gear

An important thing to be aware of when shopping for discount hiking gear is that some hiking items should not be bought cheaply while other things can be. Be honest with yourself when deciding what level of a hiker you are. If you’re only a weekend walker or a hiker who just walks on fairly flat ground and sticks to the paths, or are a serious hiker that is gone for weeks at a time and is not afraid to get off the beaten path. Once you have established what type of hiker you are, you can decide what type of hiking gear will be suitable for you.

Initial Expense

For those of you just beginning in this outdoor hobby you need to be alert to the glamour promotions that many outdoor specialty stores offer. Talk to experienced hikers if you have the opportunity or if you know someone you can ask them to go with you. You can never put a price tag on informed assistance, so having that seasoned hiker with you to help select your gear can save you a lot of time and money.

Of course you don’t need to limit your shopping experience to the major outdoor stores. There are other places to purchase discount hiking gear such as a flea market which will have excellent prices and some quality equipment. At most flea markets people are willing to bargain. Look for end-of-season sales and ry to avoid buying hiking gear during the peak times. At the end of each season most specialty stores are looking to move in the new season merchandise and will have a discount hiking gear sale.

Make Your Own Stuff

Another way to save on discount hiking gear is to create your own set of hiking gear. You can save a bundle. One example of this is that walking sticks sell anywhere from $25 to over $100 dollars each. There are several other ways to convert household items and other miscellaneous items into valuable hiking gear that can help you out in the woods at almost no cost. Do not hesitate to explore your home for the possibilities today!

Finally, make sure that once you have assembled your hiking gear that it is comfortable for you and easy to use. Make sure you know how to use all the gear and try it out in safe situations.

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