Which Sleeping Bag is Best

The answer depends largely on your needs and what you prefer. Firstly you need to identify

  • when
  • for what purpose
  • and who is going to use the sleeping bag.

After identifying these you can go ahead looking for the features and quality sleeping bag that will fit your needs and budget.

If you are backpacking or hiking, your lightest sleeping bag option is the one that uses goose down fill. Although a little more expensive than the synthetic sleeping bags, it is generally warmer and the most compressible insulation material that you can use.

If you are going to camp in wet environments you can use a synthetic fill sleeping bag, but be prepared to carry more weight.

Sleeping bag manufacturers usually refer to temperature rating as the coldest temperature a sleeping bag is suitable for sleeping in. Use this rating only as a rough guideline because being a warm or cold sleeper is still a big factor. It’ll be a nightmare for you to find out later in the camp that the bag is too cold for you.

Sleeping bags made from polyester or nylon are breathable and will keep you dry and warm. They’re easy-care, durable and quick-drying. Nylon is the stronger of the two fabrics and has greater stretchability.

Comfortable sleeping inside the bag.

You can choose either a rectangular sleeping bag or a mummy shaped bag.

A rectangular sleeping bag is best for shared sleeping or when you feel you are not comfortable sleeping inside a cocoon. Take into consideration that a mummy style sleeping bag provides you with more warmth as it fits snuggly into the body and comes with a hood and draft collar. It is the most popular choice of campers especially for cold weather camping and long hikes.

Aside from the hood, it is important that you also check for other features like vents that you can open to adjust the temperature inside your sleeping bag. Draught tubes are included in an efficiently designed zipper system. They prevent the warmth inside the bag from escaping.

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