An Overview Of Boot Camp And Military Training

When a civilian enlists in the military, he or she is not a soldier right off the bat. All are required to pass a basic training camp, where they are put through tremendous exercises and training. The length of this boot camp varies according to the different branches of the military. The term came from the type of footwear that was given to the military trainees. But, you may have heard this term used to describe a wide variety of things, not all military related.

Obviously, the most notorious type of program, other than the original military use of the term, is when it is used in a correctional capacity as it refers to adolescents. Normally, these types of camps are within the US Penal System and many parents send their errant teens to these programs. It uses techniques that apply to military recruits and they are also taught socially acceptable patterns of behavior. Most times the pattern follows closely to what a military training camp would entail, not at all similar to what a youth would consider a camping and hiking adventure.

The popularity of these types of base camp training programs has led several companies to figure out a way to incorporate the boot camp theme into their every day business. For instance, the popularity of a fat camp in general, perhaps indicates a need for a touch more discipline in all of us. Evidently, discipline may be in order because this type of program indicates that many overweight people are not successful in losing weight on their own and need the “hard work and don’t talk back” atmosphere, strict routines and rigorously filled timetables that at one time was strictly used by the military.

Are there other types of these camps? Yes, they are everywhere you look. There are probably some that you have never heard of, or some you can’t even believe exist, but one thing you can be sure of is that they are most definitely not like summer camp. In the 1980’s, Georgia and Oklahoma were the first to open “camps” for prisoners, done mainly to reduce the population in largely overcrowded prisons, and as a preventive measure for those likely to commit crime again. There are also camps for things such as paper and essay writing, spiritual boot camps, baby boot camps and leadership boot camps.

The big question would seem to be, do they work? And if they do is it just a temporary fix? Does it help teens when they go through the boot camp system? Many guardians believe that juvenile boot camps will scare their child into making the right decisions. However, experts tell us that this type of training camp will not produce a “happy camper for life” so to speak, but will only produce temporary results and may very well cause greater problems later on down the road.

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