Basics Of Wilderness First Aid For Safe Backpacking

Most major injuries can be avoided, but sometimes no matter how careful you are an injury will occur. Even if it is minor it still needs attention. Every backpacker should understand the basics of wilderness first aid. If there is a major accident then help could be miles away, so having basic first aid knowledge can be critical. Even if you do not suffer a major accident, there are still some simple things you can do to prevent problems on a backpacking trail.

The very first thing you need is a good first aid kit. This is an important piece of equipment. You will need to have some basic items in your kit to ensure you are ready for almost anything that can come your way. The following list is what should be in your kit:

Band aids of different shapes and sizes, Antibiotic ointment, Hydrocortisone cream, Moleskin, Alcohol pads, Ace bandages, Hand sanitizer, Gauze pads, First aid tape, and Cold pack. You may also want to include a powered energy drink which is a good item if you were to get stranded to help keep your energy up.

Lastly, You need to let your family and friends know about your backpacking plans. If something were to happen you would be more likely to be found if someone knows you should have been back from your backpacking tour. Give them a copy of your route and let them know where you will be along the path at certain times during your trip. Also make sure they know exactly when you should be home.

Your backpacking plan will help to ensure your safety. By knowing what to expect and planning for change you can make sure that you are prepared for whatever you may encounter. The most important part of planning is giving your family and friends the heads up on your plans. Getting lost in the wilderness can even happen with a good plan, so you are better off not chancing it by yourself.

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