Are High Tech Hiking Shoes Worth the Money?

Hiking can be an extreme sport where lack of safety equipment can prove fatal. Hence, the equipment that is utilized on a hiking trip should always be top quality. Any compromise in quality can destroy the trip and could prove life-threatening. High tech hiking shoes are a case in point.

Are They Necessary?

It could be argued that a pair of regular hiking boots will perform an adequate job and can be quite comfortable. In many circumstances this is correct, but why settle for second quality when you can have the best available.

High tech hiking shoes are a tremendous improvement over ordinary hiking shoes, providing the wearer with superior comfort and a guarantee of safety and dryness for the feet. Your feet will not only remain dry and clean but you can be assured that your ankles are well supported which will help prevent twisting and sprains as well as providing protection from snake bite.

support ankles in high tech hiking shoes

ensure ankles are well supported to help prevent twisting and sprains

If you’re still considering whether high tech hiking shoes are worth the trouble and expense, imagine this scenario. You have hiked some 15-20 miles into the jungle and just come across a small clearing where you plan to camp for the night with your group. You gladly remove your shoes after a long day and discover that you have raw blisters on most of your toes. The next day when your fellow hikers are ready to move on, you’re in excruciating pain, forcing your colleagues to carry you. That may help the pain in your feet, but you have ruined the trip and all the fun with your friends. Isn’t it worth paying a few extra dollars for the right hiking shoes?

Wear The Right Socks

Complement your high tech hiking shoes with the right socks. Never wear nylon socks while hiking. Nylon socks hold sweat against the skin and don’t allow your feet to dry providing and ideal environment for bacteria to grow as well as facilitating the formation of blisters. Always wear pure wool or cotton socks and always carry an extra pair, even if you are only going on a short hike.

A Word Of Warning For The New Hiker

Break in your new high tech hiking shoes with a series of short hikes before you take off on a long trip.

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