Camping In Alaska

Alaska is a great place to go camping. This wonderful land is full of mystery, vastness and hundreds of rarely visited places. If you want to get of the beaten path then this is the place to do it. In the land of the midnight sun you will find adventure and wildness like no other.

With all the options open to you and near endless variety in terrain and ecosystems where can you go? You will have to ask yourself what you like: whale watching, fishing, hunting, hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, white water rafting, glaciers, sand dunes, grass lands, tundra, or dense forests. All of these options await you and many of them can be see and done from one camping location.

Southeast Alaska provides many opportunities for camping. You can go flight seeing, fishing, kayaking, hiking, whale watching or just relax and watch the natural world around your camp.

All over the Southeast of Alaska you will find many campgrounds. Most often these are located near one of the many towns on the islands. Supplementing the campgrounds you will find there are may National Forest Service cabins located through out the area. These offer a nice change of pace from camping in your tent during the rain. However if you have a good tent like the Kelty Green River 6 tent, you can stay dry and have room to stretch.

Moving far to the north of the State you can find camping in the arctic a real experience. While you will likely see black and brown bears in the south up north you might run into the big white polar bear. Up north of the Article National Wildlife Refuge near Kaktovik you can actually camp on the beach along the Arctic Ocean. If you are brave you could test the water for a wake up swim! If you choose this option be sure to check in with the locals regarding which locations are the safest for camping on the beach.

Other locations in the north of the state include several along the Dalton highway. A couple of these are Yukon crossing, Arctic Circle, Hess Creek and north of the Brooks range Galbraith Camp. Each of these places offers a spot to put up a tent or park your RV. But up here you might find it hard to sleep as the sun just might not set.

When planning a camping trip in Alaska be prepared. The mosquitoes and noseems can be horrible. Some days when the temperature is up and the wind is calm they virtually cause you to go mad. So be sure to bring bug repellant. Also realize that many of the camping places in Alaska are remote and you need to bring your survival gear as there may not be any towns for miles.

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