Winter Camping – Try It Out

Winter camping, that is crazy, might be the response of some people but really it can be quite the adventure. For those that have tried it; it is a wonderful adventure in nature with the opportunity to enjoy the other side of the coin from those hot summer outings.

For those willing to be adventures there is not reason to let the elements keep you boxed up inside your house all winter. Winter has its own magical qualities that invite you out to play. Just think no mosquitoes, no snakes and there is no sweltering heat to try and avoid. Most of the time the winter air is much crisper and cleaner then the hot summer months as well.

But can winter camping be dangerous? Sure anything is dangerous including sitting on your behind watching TV! It would not be a good idea to try winter camping without learning about it, getting some advice and taking along proper equipment. But the whole idea of winter camping is no more dangerous then most other activities. Now with that said there are extreme cases, if you try camping out when it is 60 below zero you are asking for trouble.

So what kind of winter gear do you need for camping in the snow? Well just like in the summer you will want a tent but you will want a tent that is built for winter. An excellent example of this type of tent is the North Face Mountain 25. Next you will want to be sure you have proper clothing as well as a winter coat and snow pants with good boots with mittens or gloves to keep your body warm. Remember your head is number one place you lose heat so take a long a good hat.

Additional items that you will want along are a sleeping bag rates for cold winter camping. Snowshoes will be very helpful as you trek to your camping location. Also having a shovel will help in clearing snow or digging a hole. A small hand or whisk broom can be helpful in brushing freshly fallen snow from your tent. Also sunglasses can be very helpful if you get some sunshine reflecting off the white snow.

Now it goes without saying that winter camping is going to be different than summer camping. Yet with some education, proper gear and a willingness to be adventurous you can have a great time enjoying the contrast of a winter wonderland.

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