Camping – Why is sleeping on the ground so much fun?

Whenever I go camping, people get on my case. They appear to worry that the nylon tent is not secure or I will catch cold from sleeping on the ground.

I figure if they make comments like that, they will never understand. I never see camping like that. Well, yes, one time I did. I was inside a Goretex shell along a well populated bear path to water. That night the tent felt a little flimsy.

Ah, but you see, camping is more than the tent. It is the total experience. Outdoors I breathe fresh air, hear no traffic. Listen to the waterfalls and rapids in the river and watch the birds.

I sleep well when I camp, most of the time. I love it. Camping in my tent costs a lot less than a hotel and is sometimes safer. And if you are adequately prepared, as I usually am, you will be quite comfortable and warm.

If I do not lie on the ground and watch the stars at least four times a year (once during each season), I feel cheated. Yes, I like to lie outside ON the Ground in almost the same place in each season. Sometimes I am so busy enjoying the stars I do not fall asleep until almost morning. (Same place, give or take a few feet.)

When I learned how to call owls by mimicking their sounds my camping adventures took a new turn. Incredible. Now night bird listening is as exciting as watching birds during the day.

Yes, my friends and colleagues think I am crazy. Maybe they’re right. But if this is crazy I am glad to be outdoors enjoying the gifts of nature and feeling the energy of the earth. Now that is starting to sound a bit flaky but it is true.

A weekend in the wilderness with my camping gear and birding binoculars can recharge my spirit like nothing else can. I am in touch with all creation.

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