How to Choose Backpack Equipment and Camping Gear

A major component of your camping and backpacking equipment is, of course, your tent and choosing the best tent may be harder than you imagine! Tents are designed to be used in various weathers and seasons so you need to carefully consider which tent to buy. An all season tent will not be suitable for mountain trips in the winter!

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Tent

The Season

Tents are classified by the season and weather that they are appropriate for.

Three Season – suitable for use in all but the coldest weather.
Four Season – suitable for a wide variety of conditions including extremely cold weather
All Season – usually family or car tent appropriate for camping in the summer.

Size and Weight

Of course you will need a tent appropriate for how many people it needs to accomodate. It may be tempting to buy a bigger tent but if you are hiking you need to consider the weight. Tents can vary considerably in how much they weigh so make sure you don’t buy one that is too heavy for you to comfortably carry.

Keeping out the Rain

Tents nowadays have a water resistant coating that allows air to penetrate for ventilation. A waterproof fly attached to the poles will keep you dry but still allow ventilation. Make sure you buy a tent with a sewn in floor.

Erecting the Tent

You will want to purchase a tent that is as easy to set up as possible. Dome tents and A frame tents are usually easy to set up. When you strike camp they are easy to pack up. Cabin tents are harder.


Good ventilation is essential and you should look for a tent that has openings on all the sides. It’s always a good idea to have mesh screens on all sides. The mesh will keep out any debris flying around and bugs and will allow good air flow through the tent.


Buying camping gear and backpack equipment is not hard as long as you do some research first to make sure you purchase equipment suitable for the season and the type of camping you will be doing.

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