Choosing Women’s Hiking Clothes

When selecting women’s hiking clothes it’s very important to ensure that the clothes function to the very highest standards compared to normal daily clothes.

It’s worth paying extra to purchase superior quality rather than risk injury or lack weather protection due to wearing inappropriate clothing while on an excursion. Of course, you can look for discounts and close out sales to save money, but I suggest you don’t compromise on the quality of hiking clothes.

One of the first things to consider before buying is where you’ll be going on your hiking trip and the level of difficulty you are likely to encounter. For those planning on hiking in snowy or mountainous regions the needs will be different from those hiking in warmer climates.

It’s a good idea to purchase all-weather over-nighters and although you don’t need to pay a high price you should ensure that what you buy will provide adequate protection.

When it comes to buying socks, there are many options open to you though it’s sufficient to say that you buy those that will ensure your feet remain warm, comfortable and won’t cause you to blister easily.

Tip: This is not an area to skimp.  I recommend buying the best quality you can afford here as socks have a real bearing on your comfort level on a hike or camping. To buy socks at the best price click on this link.

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For those wanting to save on cost of women’s hiking clothes, it’s worthwhile looking for end-of-season or close-out sales or even thrift stores where you can pick up useful items at bargain prices. For the more enterprising, there’s always the option of making your own clothes from thermal shirts to ski masks.

Other items you’ll need

  • gloves or mitts to protect your hands.
  • hats and beanies
  • scarves for additional warmth
  • thermals for cold
  • rainjackets

The good news for those that are interested in purchasing women’s hiking clothes is that Altrec have an outlet store that provides hikers and campers with a range of clothing and gear at good prices.


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