Why Choose A Small Camping Trailer?

Purists may suggest that you’re not really camping at all unless you a setting up a tent. A camping trailer or caravan simply doesn’t count with some people.

But in fact a camping trailer may be a better choice for you, especially if you have a family to accommodate as a trailer can generally sleep more people far more comfortably than a standard tent, and they offer more storage space as well.

Although all of the main tent components are stored inside the camping trailer itself, you’ll usually find you have room for storing other camping essentials in the camping trailer in between trips as well.

This certainly makes life easier when it comes to packing up your car to go camping – you’ll have a lot more trunk space available for packing all you other camping accessories.

More Living Space

Additional living space is certainly a big advantage with a camping trailer. Some even have a detachable middle section, so you can make the main living space bigger or smaller, depending on how many people are using it. This extra section of tenting can make the living space large enough to double as sleeping quarters for several people if needed.

A camping trailer also scores more points over a tent because you can if necessary sleep four more people underneath the beds that fold out from the trailer as it is erected. All you need is a groundsheet and a double airbed in each one. Alternatively these areas provide ample storage for the belongings you will no doubt need to find room for.

On the downside, a large camping trailer can be cumbersome if there are only a couple of you going camping, so if you are not likely to go camping with a large group of people do your research before buying a trailer.

Like tents, trailers come in different sizes. You may find a small camping trailer is quite suitable for your needs.

On the plus side you will find that with the additional space provided in a camping trailer you may have room to carry items such as a camping portaloo, which will make trips outside in all weathers in the middle of the night a thing of the past.

In the end, different people have different ideas about what constitutes the ideal camping trip. Some people are quite happy strapping a two man tent, bedroll and sleeping bag to the back of their bike and cycling for miles before setting up camp.

For others though, a small camping trailer provides just enough in the way of comfort, while not detracting from the camping experience itself.

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