How to Choose a Great Backpacking Tent

If you plan to backpack, always bear in mind that your tent is your home away from home. Whether you choose to be with your friends or family on a backpacking adventure, make sure you have bring along with you a reliable tent.

Three-season tents are especially designed for backpacking from spring through fall. They are strong enough to handle wind, rain, and light snow. Freestanding tents do not need to be staked out to remain upright. They are advantageous in rocky or sloped surfaces.

While you want to make sure that you carry everything that you need in the campsite, you have to consider the weight you have to carry on your way. Make sure that you are familiar with the manufacturer’s definition of minimum and packaged weight. Minimum weight means the total weight of the tent body, rainfly and poles only. On the other hand, packaged weight would include the components of the minimum weight including stakes, pole sack, stuff sack and instructions.

The tent’s size really matters. For comfortable backpacking tents, one must choose a slightly bigger capacity than the actual number of person who would sleep inside the tent. This will ensure that you will be comfortable inside with the extra space for you and your things. One way of checking this is by reading product specifications and product reviews.

When buying a tent, take into consideration the tent fabric because this would determine how much protection against elements it can provide you. Because ideal backpacking should be as light as possible, tent manufacturers are now using nylon and polyester materials for their tents like those of Black Diamond tents.

Buy a tent that has a waterproof rainfly for additional comfort by providing a good insulation inside the tent. It is designed to reduce condensation and thus provide a warmer temperature inside. In choosing the right tent, simplicity, durability and comfort must be on top of your priorities.

In order to make sure that you will buy a tent that would fit your needs and your budget, it is recommended that you read customer reviews so you can compare features with similar products. A two-door tent with accessories like built-in internal storage would be beneficial.

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