Introduction to Camping: 6 Fundamental Tips

More and more people cut back on vacationing abroad during slow economic times. Many of these people find a great (and inexpensive) alternative closer to home in camping. If you don’t mind reconnecting with nature, then you should consider a camping trip for your next vacation.

Camping Safety
Camping can be great fun, but the basics are often overlooked. Follow these six essential camping tips and you’re off to a great start!

  • Do not leave without notice – Inform a family member, friend, or relative of your camping plans and location. An accident in the middle of nowhere can turn into a catastrophe if nobody knows you’re missing in the first place.
  • The Weather can change – It might be 80 degrees today without a single cloud in the sky, but that doesn’t mean it is going to be that way later today or tomorrow. Don’t take risks with mother nature, your tent could easily fall victim to brutal winds or large hail. You could also be overcome by a flash flood or blizzard. More likely though, it would just plain suck to have nasty weather ruin your camping trip.
  • Bring Drinking Water – I know this one seems obvious right? You’d be surprised how many people leave without water and end up at a campground with no store or anywhere near. Water serves multiple purposes and is good for more than just drinking it.
  • Bring something to Eat – Keep in mind that not every single campsite has a store, some not even without an hour’s driving range, so bring your own food. You’ll find plenty of “what food to bring”-tips in the camping guide for beginners.
  • Dry Clothes… that stay dry – Bring extra clothing in case you get caught in a storm. Even summer can bring storms that can make the temperature drop well below comfortable levels. Don’t forget to put your spare clothes in a WATERPROOF bag.
  • Fire – If you’re going to build a campfire, be sure to clear at least 20 feet around it. Also note that just because you took the necessary precautions doesn’t mean the camper a few miles away from you did. If you see a big plume of smoke in the distance, you better pack up FAST as wildfires can travel at insane speeds.

These are very basic tips. You can find details as well as other tips on safety, packing for camping, recipes, instructional videos, choosing a tent, and much more at my camping safety site.

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