Selecting the Best Camping Spot

An excellent way to do something other than the regular routine of your life like working, going to school, eating & sleeping is to go camping. It affords the opportunity to connect with nature in a way that the majority of us simply are not able to do on a daily basis.

How to choose the perfect camping location?

Before you can pick an actual camping site, you first have to do research on campgrounds that fit your needs. Fortunately, the Internet has made this task a lot easier and many campgrounds now have websites. You can obtain information about various camping areas by visiting their websites prior to your stay; this gives you the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding which facility to choose.
However, remember a campsite always appears slightly more glorified than it really is, much like menu-pictures in restaurants.

The first step in choosing your campsite is to decide on the type of camping you want to do. A few campgrounds still offer what is known as “primitive camping.” Do you know what that means?
At primitive campgrounds you must bring ALL your supplies of your own. This includes all shelter, gear, and any additional provisions. Primitive campsites are usually deep in the wilderness where you will not find electricity, water, showers, or even pit toilets.

Campground that provide “luxuries” like water, waste disposal, and electrcity in a luxurious setting are the other extreme. Some campgrounds even have spas!

Many campgrounds are balanced within these two extremes. When deciding on a private park for camping, chances are that you will have access to all the services you could possibly need. Many even have laundry facilities, shops, and game rooms and they welcome long-term guests. The majority of private parks have family oriented activites for all including but not limited to bingo, sport competitions for children, fun games for the kids, human stratego, etc.

Fees for the Campground

The fee to stay at a private park will be higher than renting a spot at a public campground. Campgrounds in state parks can include everything from primitive to resort like settings. Some of them offer electric, swimming pools, warm showers, toilet facilities, laundry rooms, areas for the children to play in, guided tours, etc.

Most camping facilities within state or national parks are usually very simplistic. Fire rings, pit toilets and picnic tables will most likely be found here. One of the great things about camping in state or national parks is that it can be extremely affordable as many sites are free or cost just a few dollars a day.

Campgrounds fill up early during nice weather

Note that when the weather is favorable, people don’t want to drive hours and hours for the campground they might have planned on. Instead, they will settle early at a campground closer to them so they can enjoy the rest of the day. In order to snag the best location, you must arrive early and have a bit of luck.

Would you want a location by the swimming pool and children’s playground? The children will find this quite convenient, but you may find yourself dealing with excess noise and too much foot traffic. The same can be said for locations close to restroom and shower facilities. You may find foot traffic around your tent 24 hours a day!

Would you rather be in the middle of commotion and excitement, or do you desire a calm and tranquil atmosphere? Since camping has so much to offer, you should have no problem finding the campground that matches you and your family’s needs.

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