Why Choose A Small Camping Trailer?

Purists may suggest that you’re not really camping at all unless you a setting up a tent. A camping trailer or caravan simply doesn’t count with some people. But in fact a camping trailer may be a better choice for you, especially if you have a family to accommodate as a trailer can generally sleep more people far more comfortably than a standard tent, and they offer more storage space as well. Although all of … Continue reading

Off The Beaten Track With An Off Road Camping Trailer

An off road camping trailer is usually composed of a sturdy frame that can take some real punishment getting from the highway to an out-of-the-way camping spot. Off road camping trailers are a little more expensive on average than the other types because the have to be built to a higher standard. Whilst camping trailers and the word “comfort” have rarely been seen in the same sentence, the versatile hard-working off road camping trailer has … Continue reading