Will A Cheap Hiking Back Pack Provide A Good Hiking Experience?

Where do you go to get a cheap hiking backpack? Hiking is a great exercise for both body and soul. It brings you closer to nature and its beauty. When hiking you want to travel light, but you also require a sturdy backpack that will not let you down when you’re out on the hiking trail. A good hiking back pack is a great buy, sometimes even a life saver. So can you afford to … Continue reading

Bicycle Hiking Tour – How To Choose The Right Bicycle

A great bicycle hiking tour begins with the right bicycle The key to enjoying a great bicycle hiking tour begins with choosing the right bicycle. There are many companies producing bicycles. All of them understand design and quality but each company will produce bicycles for a particular market or price point and it’s important to to find the bicycle that’s best suited to your purpose. Points to Consider Not all manufacturers build their bicycles in … Continue reading