Tips For Winter Camping

For anyone looking for an exciting adventure, winter camping may be the ideal choice. Winter camping offer challenges that you won’t encounter in the warmer months but it also brings its own rewards.

For winter camping you’ll need boots that are water repellent or have a protective coating to repel the water from your boots. Always wear a hat or a warm beanie and bring an extra one just in case. Your mom wasn’t kidding when she said most of the body heat is lost through your head.

When winter camping, choose nylon or wool clothing and socks and dress in layers. Start with a thin layer of clothing against your skin that may be a cotton blend material that is used in long johns, next add a warm layer of clothing that may be a fleece type material and finally an outer layer that is a quick drying material like nylon. Always wear wool socks to keep the feet dry. Bring gloves and tie them to your jacket to prevent losing them.

Winter camping tents can be purchased, although sometimes they are big and bulky to hike in. Depending on where you are going and how far you are hiking, determine if a winterized tent is appropriate. A three-season tent may be all that you require.

Bring small shovels to shovel a flat space if needed for the winter tent. If not using a winter tent, snow shelters can be built that will keep you warm. Read books on the appropriate way to build a snow shelter. Take some time to practice building a snow shelter before planning on spending the night in one.

Make sure to bring a sleeping bag that is made to withstand the deep freeze of winter. There are many mummy bags that are extremely warm. A foam pad may also be a good addition in order to place it on the ground first, to keep the outside of the sleeping bag from getting wet.

When winter camping make sure to bring food that may be eaten without heating up. Although you may carry waterproof matches it can be difficult to get a fire going in the snow! Also take along some hearty winter camping recipes to warm you on a cold evening.
Winter camping is a great outdoor activity. It is crucial to have the appropriate supplies and there are many stores that can assist a consumer in locating the correct gear.

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