Create Your Own Carved Hand Hiking Stick

Making your own carved hand hiking stick can be a creative experience that will provide support and assistance during your outdoor hiking adventures.

Type of Wood to Use

Hardwood is the usual choice because it is long wearing, polishes well and you can create a masterpiece that will give you good support when hiking. However, it is difficult to carve and will be heavier to carry.

Poplar is another timber often chosen as it’s easy to work with and carve. It can make a wonderful carved hand hiking stick.

The lightest weight wood is Northern White Cedar. It can be difficult to carve but extremely beautiful once finished. Cedar can create a hiking stick you will have forever as it is strong and reliable.

Mostly you can pick any type of wood you like as long as it is solid, not too heavy and can be easily carved. It is the hiker’s choice. Remember, the length of the stick should not exceed the height of your underarm to the ground.

Carving Your Hiking Stick

You need a sturdy pocket knife with approximately a three-inch solid blade which will not give way when you carve in solid wood. Get a locking blade to protect your fingers. Always cut away from your body. Each wood cuts a little differently so be prepared to adapt accordingly.

Use your imagination to create your carving. Usually the bottom end is wrapped in leather while at the top you can add a leather-bound handle and drill a hole and add a wrist strap. Some carved hiking sticks have pewter figurines embedded in them – again, use your imagination. You can experiment with your hand carved hiking stick as much as you like.

Your carved hiking stick will bear your signature, individuality and personality. You can get ideas from online sites or stores as well as your friends and family.

The carved hiking stick created by you will become your very own personal support along the trail.

Bear in mind, carving hiking sticks can become addictive!

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