Features of a Quality Three-Season Tent

With the wide range of tent selection available in the market today, beginners will surely be confused on what is the best tent to buy. Because the tent should serve as your portable shelter when you camp, you must know the basics of a quality tent that would fit your needs. You should know primarily take into account the weather you are planning to backpack in. Usually a three-season tent would be enough to shelter … Continue reading

The Right Backpacking Gear Makes A Difference

Backpacking Equipment Backpacking equipment is expensive and purchasing backpacking gear for yourself is serious business. There’s considerable information about researching and buying backpacking gear and outdoor equipment. Tips on how to reduce backpack weight to achieve lighter backpacks for your backpacking trip, and practical backcountry wisdom and knowledge from fellow backpackers. Backpacking equipment can be lightweight, ultra-lightweight, recycled and all you need in between. What Is The Best Backpacking Boot? What is the one piece … Continue reading

How to Take Care of your Sleeping Bags

Together with your tent and other camping materials, your sleeping bag is your reliable partner in your camping adventure. Like all other camping gear and equipment your camping pal deserves proper care and maintenance in order to maximize its purpose. From usage, storage, washing and drying, every backpacker should know how to take care of their sleeping bags. In order for you to have the ultimate insulation capacity in your sleeping bag, it is proper … Continue reading

How to Choose a Great Backpacking Tent

If you plan to backpack, always bear in mind that your tent is your home away from home. Whether you choose to be with your friends or family on a backpacking adventure, make sure you have bring along with you a reliable tent. Three-season tents are especially designed for backpacking from spring through fall. They are strong enough to handle wind, rain, and light snow. Freestanding tents do not need to be staked out to … Continue reading

Basics Of Wilderness First Aid For Safe Backpacking

Most major injuries can be avoided, but sometimes no matter how careful you are an injury will occur. Even if it is minor it still needs attention. Every backpacker should understand the basics of wilderness first aid. If there is a major accident then help could be miles away, so having basic first aid knowledge can be critical. Even if you do not suffer a major accident, there are still some simple things you can … Continue reading

The Best Cooking Camping Equipment

Having got used to the pleasures of modern day living, most of us forget about some of the most basic things when we go out camping. We can spend months planning for the best camping trips but somehow we forget that there is a need to eat. Many a camping trip has become miserable after campers forgot to carry simple things like matchsticks. You can imagine how they feel when they see all the meat … Continue reading

Why Families Need Camping Trips

It seems that we can buy everything in the world but time. Time to relax and time to be with the family. Even with all the latest computer gadgets available to us, it does not seem possible to find the opportunity to be with our families especially with the children who seem to grow up too fast. Psychologists have discovered that a strong family unit is probably the biggest determinant of how successful one is … Continue reading

Preparing for a Backpacking Trip

Backpacking is simply hiking for an extended period of time. Hiking refers to short walks in the outdoors while with backpacking you will need to carry a backpack with food and supplies. This is normally to allow you to camp overnight in the wild. It is physically strenuous and you have to plan for sometime before doing it. Though nature is beautiful, it is not without it risks. This is especially true for city boys … Continue reading

Winter Camping – Try It Out

Winter camping, that is crazy, might be the response of some people but really it can be quite the adventure. For those that have tried it; it is a wonderful adventure in nature with the opportunity to enjoy the other side of the coin from those hot summer outings. For those willing to be adventures there is not reason to let the elements keep you boxed up inside your house all winter. Winter has its … Continue reading

Advice for Buying the Best Tents for Camping

There is something very special about camping outdoors. The sound of nature when you wake up makes a welcome change to the noisy traffic and the monotony of the city. Camping outdoors is especially wonderful when out in wide open spaces. We all enjoy the idea of breathtaking mountain and river scenery. A campfire with no enclosure and cooking out. However, being cramped at night or in bad weather in the tent with the family … Continue reading