Why you should Choose a Quality Backpacking Tent

Are you tired of the modern day hustle and bustle? A vacation to a tourist spot may just as well be a trip to the mall. There are too many people around you to feel relaxed. When you are ready to completely disengage from modern life, nothing is better than backpacking. Backpacking allows you to truly get in touch with nature. There is nothing more awe inspiring than a night out in the hills with … Continue reading

Go Camping With A Coleman Camping Stove

Camping equipment is a broad word that applies to camping supplies required during camping trips. Coleman camping equipment refers to an extremely well-known and reliable brand of camping gear. Coleman camping stoves are available for many types of fuel sources and some may use more than one type. Some camping stoves burn propane, some gasoline, some butane and some a propane, butane mix. Camping stoves should be light and robust and fuel efficient. Stoves such … Continue reading

Buying An Inflatable Camping Air Mattress

When many people think of camping, they immediately conjure up an image of roughing it in the great outdoors in a flimsy tent, a sleeping bag and a waterproof ground sheet – and that’s after scouring the campsite for looking for the flattest piece of ground available. Fortunately you can go camping nowadays and still get a good night’s sleep if you take an inflatable camping air mattress with you. What Kind Of Price Should … Continue reading

Camping Necessities – Make A List Before You Go Camping

Always make a list of camping necessities before you go camping. You’ll need a tent, you’ll need blankets or a sleeping bag, and you’ll need food or ways to catch and cook food. Beyond that, any camping equipment you take along with you is just going to weigh you down. You can protect yourself against not taking too much by making a camping list. A camping list, if it’s stuck to, can contain your camping … Continue reading

Camping Recipe

Camping can be a great escape from weekday routine and you can improve your camping experiences with innovative camping recipe. A camping recipe can be as easy or as complicated as you want and with a little planning you’ll create tasty fireside meals. Start your day off with a hearty, easy-to-make breakfast. An easy and satisfying breakfast is pancakes. If you like to make your own pancakes from scratch then pre-measure your dry ingredients before … Continue reading

What to Look for when Buying a Family Tent

Are you looking for a family tent? The range at Altrec Outdoors is comprehensive and you’re sure to find a tent that will suit your family. Altrec have tents that sleep from 1 person up to 10 people. The first tent we’ll review is the Paha Que Wilderness: Perry Mesa. Paha Que Wilderness: Perry Mesa Tent – This is a roomy family-sized tent combined with an even roomier screen room. It will sleep 4 in … Continue reading