Why Choose A Hybrid Camping Trailer Instead Of A Tent?

Some camping purists say you’re not really camping at all unless you use a tent. A hybrid camping trailer or caravan simply doesn’t count. In fact a hybrid camping trailer could in many ways be a better choice for you, especially if you have a family. A camping trailer can usually accommodate more people more comfortably than standard tent, and will also offer far more storage. Although all of the main tent components are stored … Continue reading

The Best GPS For Hiking

Hiking is an adventure sport that requires serious preparation for safety and care. Many people love hiking, not only because it provides exercise and satisfaction, but also because it involves a feeling of freedom and one-ness with nature; hiking is one of the best ways to experience nature and the outdoors. Until recently, hiking was done with the help of indigenous ways of orientation, and with the help of local guides who knew how to … Continue reading

Go Camping With A Coleman Camping Stove

Camping equipment is a broad word that applies to camping supplies required during camping trips. Coleman camping equipment refers to an extremely well-known and reliable brand of camping gear. Coleman camping stoves are available for many types of fuel sources and some may use more than one type. Some camping stoves burn propane, some gasoline, some butane and some a propane, butane mix. Camping stoves should be light and robust and fuel efficient. Stoves such … Continue reading

Buying An Inflatable Camping Air Mattress

When many people think of camping, they immediately conjure up an image of roughing it in the great outdoors in a flimsy tent, a sleeping bag and a waterproof ground sheet – and that’s after scouring the campsite for looking for the flattest piece of ground available. Fortunately you can go camping nowadays and still get a good night’s sleep if you take an inflatable camping air mattress with you. What Kind Of Price Should … Continue reading

RV Roadside Repair Service

Signing up for a roadside repair service for your RV can provide peace of mind for you and your family before you head off on the road. Good Sam Club are currently offering discounts for new sign ups. Good Sam RV Emergency Road Service: The RV Rescue Specialists with over 1,500,000 successful roadside rescues! Join today for roadside assistance benefits which include: Protection on your RV and all your household vehicles: all cars, trucks, SUVs, … Continue reading

Camping Necessities – Make A List Before You Go Camping

Always make a list of camping necessities before you go camping. You’ll need a tent, you’ll need blankets or a sleeping bag, and you’ll need food or ways to catch and cook food. Beyond that, any camping equipment you take along with you is just going to weigh you down. You can protect yourself against not taking too much by making a camping list. A camping list, if it’s stuck to, can contain your camping … Continue reading

Off The Beaten Track With An Off Road Camping Trailer

An off road camping trailer is usually composed of a sturdy frame that can take some real punishment getting from the highway to an out-of-the-way camping spot. Off road camping trailers are a little more expensive on average than the other types because the have to be built to a higher standard. Whilst camping trailers and the word “comfort” have rarely been seen in the same sentence, the versatile hard-working off road camping trailer has … Continue reading

What you need to know for Winter Camping

Winter camping can be an advanced and challenging adventure that takes a little more planning than summer camping. It has its own special allure; the splendid quiet of a forest in winter under the hush of falling snow, the thrill of gliding over ice and snow on skis. Winter Tents Tents should be of four-season quality and capable of withstanding wind and heavy snow. Four season tents typically have stronger poles to hold snow loads. … Continue reading

Tips For Winter Camping

For anyone looking for an exciting adventure, winter camping may be the ideal choice. Winter camping offer challenges that you won’t encounter in the warmer months but it also brings its own rewards. For winter camping you’ll need boots that are water repellent or have a protective coating to repel the water from your boots. Always wear a hat or a warm beanie and bring an extra one just in case. Your mom wasn’t kidding … Continue reading

RV Camping In The Winter

An RV is a great way to enjoy a vacation. There is nothing quite like hitting the highway in an RV, knowing you have your hotel and restaurant with you wherever you go. Most people think about renting RVs in the summer, but RV camping in the winter can be an exhilarating adventure. If You Are Interested In RV Camping In The Winter, Do Your Homework Before you head out onto the open road for … Continue reading