Bicycle Hiking Tour – How To Choose The Right Bicycle

A great bicycle hiking tour begins with the right bicycle The key to enjoying a great bicycle hiking tour begins with choosing the right bicycle. There are many companies producing bicycles. All of them understand design and quality but each company will produce bicycles for a particular market or price point and it’s important to to find the bicycle that’s best suited to your purpose. Points to Consider Not all manufacturers build their bicycles in … Continue reading

Salomon are Leaders in the Hiking Boot Industry

The Salomon hiking boot is one of the most reliable companions you can ask for when setting out on a hiking trip…and one of the most important items you are going to need on any hiking trip is your boots. Having comfortable and sturdy hiking boots will allow you to enjoy your hike while providing support for your feet and legs which do most of the work on any hiking adventure. The Benefits of Proper … Continue reading

Buy Hiking Boots & Camping Gear

Before you hit the trails it is imperative that you have the right gear. Being poorly equipped for outdoor adventure has led to injury and death. Your camping and hiking gear should be both strong and lightweight as this will allow you to propel yourself further and can mean the difference between a sore back and feet and having the energy to hike all day. Your gear should also be waterproof to be effective. When … Continue reading

What to Look for when Buying a Family Tent

Are you looking for a family tent? The range at Altrec Outdoors is comprehensive and you’re sure to find a tent that will suit your family. Altrec have tents that sleep from 1 person up to 10 people. The first tent we’ll review is the Paha Que Wilderness: Perry Mesa. Paha Que Wilderness: Perry Mesa Tent – This is a roomy family-sized tent combined with an even roomier screen room. It will sleep 4 in … Continue reading