The Pitfalls Of Discount Hiking Gear

An important thing to be aware of when shopping for discount hiking gear is that some hiking items should not be bought cheaply while other things can be. Be honest with yourself when deciding what level of a hiker you are. If you’re only a weekend walker or a hiker who just walks on fairly flat ground and sticks to the paths, or are a serious hiker that is gone for weeks at a time … Continue reading

Camping Recipe

Camping can be a great escape from weekday routine and you can improve your camping experiences with innovative camping recipe. A camping recipe can be as easy or as complicated as you want and with a little planning you’ll create tasty fireside meals. Start your day off with a hearty, easy-to-make breakfast. An easy and satisfying breakfast is pancakes. If you like to make your own pancakes from scratch then pre-measure your dry ingredients before … Continue reading

Camping Food

Camping food can range anywhere from the simplicity of hot dogs to more complex, but satisfying one-pot meals. Freeze-dried camping food can be extremely useful for hiking, backpacking, or camping meals because it is light weight and doesn’t require refrigeration. Camping Food Recipes A quick internet search will lead to many camping recips contributed by other campers. Many of these recipes will be quick and easy to prepare and they’ve been proven to be easy … Continue reading

Clearance Hiking Pole or Hardwood Hiking Pole?

Many people use a hiking pole as a walking aid, and they can also be useful for clearing high grass and debris from your track as well as fending off small animals or snakes that may cross your path. However, do you really need a hardwood hiking stick for hiking? As a hiker, I have to say “possibly not”, simply because of the versatility and lightness that can be gained by purchasing a lightweight aluminum … Continue reading

Try A Grand Canyon Hiking Tour

Are You Looking For A Grand Canyon Hiking Tour? Pictures of the Grand Canyon provide a vision that is breathtaking. This inspires many people to visit the Grand Canyon. The view from the top is definitely awe-inspiring; however, why just take in the view from the top when you can hike to the bottom for a truly memorable journey. A Grand Canyon hiking tour can be done at your own pace, but remember that it … Continue reading

Collapsible Hiking Stick

A rugged and sturdy hiking stick becomes an invaluable companion on the hiking trail by providing balance, traction and stability. A collapsible hiking stick offers space saving qualities, as well. When you are looking for a collapsible hiking stick there are several aspects to consider. Do you want a telescopic hiking staff? Are you prepared to make the necessary adjustments to a telescopic hiking stick as you walk along. What about weight? Obviously the lighter … Continue reading

The Birkenstock Boot For Hiking And Climbing Is A Top Performer

If you are looking for hiking boots you’ll find a wide selection to choose from. So what makes the Birkenstock boot for hiking so popular? Birkenstock hiking boots are designed to stay comfortable while providing sturdy support for feet and ankles. Most models are waterproof and will keep your feet dry even in the wettest weather. Many models include a moisture-wicking sock liner within the leather upper. Benefits of the Birkenstock Hiking Boot First of … Continue reading

Affordable Gear For Hiking

If you’ve become jaded with the stress of city living you might want to try hiking. You can enjoy nature, relax and gain some exercise. To get started you can begin with affordable gear for hiking – inexpensive hiking boots and a cheap hiking back pack – and head for the countryside. Even with this minimum level of equipment, hiking boots can be expensive so look for affordable gear to get started hiking. Hiking boots … Continue reading

Will A Cheap Hiking Back Pack Provide A Good Hiking Experience?

Where do you go to get a cheap hiking backpack? Hiking is a great exercise for both body and soul. It brings you closer to nature and its beauty. When hiking you want to travel light, but you also require a sturdy backpack that will not let you down when you’re out on the hiking trail. A good hiking back pack is a great buy, sometimes even a life saver. So can you afford to … Continue reading

Create Your Own Carved Hand Hiking Stick

Making your own carved hand hiking stick can be a creative experience that will provide support and assistance during your outdoor hiking adventures. Type of Wood to Use Hardwood is the usual choice because it is long wearing, polishes well and you can create a masterpiece that will give you good support when hiking. However, it is difficult to carve and will be heavier to carry. Poplar is another timber often chosen as it’s easy … Continue reading