9 Outdoor Camping Survival Tips

All camping enthusiasts and adventurers should take the time to learn outdoor survival skills. Situations can always take a turn for the worse and your safety often depends on learning some necessary skills and having an outdoor survival kit at your disposal. Nine Wilderness Survival Skills You Must know Know how to tell direction. Being able to tell direction will enable you to find your way out. No one’s survival gear checklist is complete without … Continue reading

Camping – Why is sleeping on the ground so much fun?

Whenever I go camping, people get on my case. They appear to worry that the nylon tent is not secure or I will catch cold from sleeping on the ground. I figure if they make comments like that, they will never understand. I never see camping like that. Well, yes, one time I did. I was inside a Goretex shell along a well populated bear path to water. That night the tent felt a little … Continue reading

How to Avoid Sickness on Camping and Backpacking Trips

The World Health Organization recently reported that about half of all travelers suffer from diarrhea while on their travels. The same organization links contaminated drinking water to 80% of travel diseases. This means that travelers, like campers and hikers must take extra precautions, especially with drinking water. The common microbes in backcountry drinking water include giardia and cryptosporidia that cause chronic diarrhea and vomiting. In wilderness areas of North America, giardia has been found in … Continue reading

An Overview Of Boot Camp And Military Training

When a civilian enlists in the military, he or she is not a soldier right off the bat. All are required to pass a basic training camp, where they are put through tremendous exercises and training. The length of this boot camp varies according to the different branches of the military. The term came from the type of footwear that was given to the military trainees. But, you may have heard this term used to … Continue reading

The Perfect Family Camping Trip

A few consecutive months of non stop working for a company can make any person tired and frustrated. It seems that it is nearly impossible to catch a break. Between the morning and evening commute, the office and children at home, few of us ever get a chance to relax. Sometimes it does seem that everything is working against you. Even though most of us know we need to take time off, the problem is … Continue reading

Camping In Alaska

Alaska is a great place to go camping. This wonderful land is full of mystery, vastness and hundreds of rarely visited places. If you want to get of the beaten path then this is the place to do it. In the land of the midnight sun you will find adventure and wildness like no other. With all the options open to you and near endless variety in terrain and ecosystems where can you go? You … Continue reading

Go Camping For Your Vacation

Camping might not suggest itself as your first thought when planning a vacation. But why not? Camping can be low cost and it can also be a great way to get up close and personal with nature wherever you go. Take for example the wilds of Alaska. This state is so huge that you could spend years camping there and still have many places left to explore. How about Patagonia, this is a rugged wild … Continue reading

Kids and Camping

It can be pretty frustrating trying to teach your kids basic social skills and how to be more self-sufficient. Sometimes, when parents try to teach their kids about new things they turn a deaf ear. If you feel that this is what your child does, then you may want to consider signing them up for scouting, which is a great way to get kids more active with hiking camping and teaching them some basic life … Continue reading

Where to Camp at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon as it was called by John Wesley Powell in the 1870’s has become a very popular destination. The Paiutes call it Mountain Lying Down, which is quite fitting. However you view it this place is magical, with wonderful views of nature. Being up close to the Grand Canyon is a remarkable experience that you will never forget. There are many ways you can take in the experience, from hiking, camping and flight … Continue reading

Why Choose A Small Camping Trailer?

Purists may suggest that you’re not really camping at all unless you a setting up a tent. A camping trailer or caravan simply doesn’t count with some people. But in fact a camping trailer may be a better choice for you, especially if you have a family to accommodate as a trailer can generally sleep more people far more comfortably than a standard tent, and they offer more storage space as well. Although all of … Continue reading