Where to Camp at the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon as it was called by John Wesley Powell in the 1870’s has become a very popular destination. The Paiutes call it Mountain Lying Down, which is quite fitting. However you view it this place is magical, with wonderful views of nature. Being up close to the Grand Canyon is a remarkable experience that you will never forget. There are many ways you can take in the experience, from hiking, camping and flight … Continue reading

Why Choose A Small Camping Trailer?

Purists may suggest that you’re not really camping at all unless you a setting up a tent. A camping trailer or caravan simply doesn’t count with some people. But in fact a camping trailer may be a better choice for you, especially if you have a family to accommodate as a trailer can generally sleep more people far more comfortably than a standard tent, and they offer more storage space as well. Although all of … Continue reading

New Forest Activities – Walking and Hiking

Throughout the New Forest you can find pretty much anything that you might want to do and something to suit all ages of the family. With 134 car parks scattered throughout the National Park – you can stop in so many places and go for stroll, take a picnic or have play around. There are considerable cycle, hiking/walking trails, museums and historical sites that can be visited. To ensure you get to see the absolute … Continue reading

Selecting the Best Camping Spot

An excellent way to do something other than the regular routine of your life like working, going to school, eating & sleeping is to go camping. It affords the opportunity to connect with nature in a way that the majority of us simply are not able to do on a daily basis. How to choose the perfect camping location? Before you can pick an actual camping site, you first have to do research on campgrounds … Continue reading

Introduction to Camping: 6 Fundamental Tips

More and more people cut back on vacationing abroad during slow economic times. Many of these people find a great (and inexpensive) alternative closer to home in camping. If you don’t mind reconnecting with nature, then you should consider a camping trip for your next vacation. Camping Safety Camping can be great fun, but the basics are often overlooked. Follow these six essential camping tips and you’re off to a great start! Do not leave … Continue reading

A Hiking Trip To The Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Viewed from the outside the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico are not much to look at and consist of a few gray rock formations and a little scrub brush covering a less than impressive cliff. But, inside this is one of the most extraordinary landscapes anywhere on Earth and, with over 100 limestone caves for you to explore, you could wander through the caves for years and not see the same thing twice. If you … Continue reading

Shenandoah National Park: A World of Wonder All It’s Own

Shenandoah National Park is a marvel of nature with outstanding surprises and amazing opportunities hiding around every bend. Here you will enter a world of scenic natural beauty and old-fashioned charm that you would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the United States. Located a mere 75 minutes from Washington, DC, Shenandoah National reflects such an antithesis of the hurried lifestyle of our nation’s capital that it almost seems impossible that these two … Continue reading

Camping – A Chance To Bond with Nature

Camping can be a fun filled pursuit. Enjoyable camping trips undertaken at a young age remain etched in the memory for a long, long time. There is no age for undertaking camping trips though. Such trips can be planned at any time as per convenience. Such trips may also be arranged in small or large groups as desired. Arranged outdoors and far away from modern habitations, such trips help create a special bond with the … Continue reading

An Experience Of A Lifetime Awaits You From African Safari Tours

For many people, the African continent has a special draw and attraction that no other location on earth can compete with. The sights and sounds, smells and wonders of the various regions of this amazing land can often be experienced and enjoyed through African safari tours. Such safaris allow people to experience the real Africa in a way that is just not possible by watching a video or looking at photographs. Even the very best … Continue reading

Why Choose A Hybrid Camping Trailer Instead Of A Tent?

Some camping purists say you’re not really camping at all unless you use a tent. A hybrid camping trailer or caravan simply doesn’t count. In fact a hybrid camping trailer could in many ways be a better choice for you, especially if you have a family. A camping trailer can usually accommodate more people more comfortably than standard tent, and will also offer far more storage. Although all of the main tent components are stored … Continue reading